Contact Us - Collaborations

Through our separate company SBTS Distribution, we partner with American Manufacturers to bring their products to market across the U.S. Golf Industry.  We are always looking for new, cool, customizable products to add to our portfolio.  

Our experienced sales force with personal, face-to-face connections with PGA Golf Professionals & industry leaders across the industry is second to none. 

If your company or a company you know of is interested in exploring a partnership with us, please reach out to Kathy or Chris or 610-368-6200.  

Our Criteria:

  • Your product must be able to be customized in short-runs (36 pieces and up) in about 2-4 week turnaround time. 
  • Your product must be unique and not directly compete with any of the products in our existing offerings. 
  • Your product must be made by a U.S. based manufacturer. We prefer to work with small, entrepreneurial-type businesses.